About Ash & Company

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Ash & Company was founded by the Hardy family, who have been in dairy production since 1852. For years our family has hired carriers to haul our milk produced here at the dairy. However, after several failed attempts to find a carrier that was capable of providing reliable and dependable service, the decision was made that it was time to invest in a family-based transport company.


Ash & Company relies on cleanliness and on time transport. We as a family believe that while a product is in transport, we not only represent our business but your product and business as well.


What makes Ash & Company transport service possible is our dedicated staff and our reliable drivers. Our dispatch team consists of over 30 combined years of experience. We are capable of adding any transport demands into our daily or weekly routes. At Ash & Company we understand that product demand can change at any moment. In that moment Ash & Company has the capabilities of fufilling those needs.


At Ash & Company we build and maintain a fleet on dependability. Our fleet not only consists of new on road tankers, but new trucks as well. The drivers we hire for the trucks make up the top 20% in the nation. With our pay scale we are able to recruit and hire the best CDL carriers in the nation. Our drivers over the road exeperience allows us to safely transport your company's product.